About us

ALKIN is a proud Canadian company that designs and manufactures music equipment for the use of all levels of musicians.

Our Corporate Values

ALKIN strives to be a world leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing of pedalboards products. We believe in the three cornerstones of great pedalboard products: high quality, good value, and beautiful aesthetics.

We achieve our mission through:

• Ensuring every item is handcrafted with care and comes out of manufacturing at its best
• Providing the highest level of customer support in the industry
• Partnering with customers and suppliers to develop quality products and markets

Our Customers

Our company values our customers and is committed to supply high quality products aided by the use of state of the art machinery and high quality materials.

ALKIN promises good quality products at a reasonable price with a guarantee that only a proud Canadian company can supply.

Our Manufacturing

ALKIN pedalboards are proudly made in Canada.  We use only the finest materials in our manufacturing process; taking pride in building a reliable, quality product.

ALKIN’s partnership with local state of the art facilities ensures that our commitment to quality is practiced at every step of the manufacturing process, including a final inspection before anything is approved for shipment.

Our Guarantee

ALKIN’s confidence in the quality workmanship, the finest materials, and durable heavy-duty construction invested in each and every product, allows us to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturing defect.

We know that you will be as proud of your ALKIN pedalboard as we are - We guarantee it.

 AlKIN, Striving to perfection!