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Our IO-N technology is the next generation on Side Mountable Interface Patch bracket.

ALKIN's IO-N bracket allow you to have all of your ins/outs/loop of your pedalboard in one place with solderless 1/4 locking connectors.

Installation is simple; Mount our IO-N main bracket underneath the side of your Pedalboard and install our 1/4 Solderless locking connectors (sold separately)

Using a rack system instead? No problem, ALKIN's IO-N Kits are also great for mounting to the side wall of your rack case.

-Included with purchase-

  • One Port main bracket with Pre-Cut Holes
  • 4-40 Screws/Nuts to Mount 1/4 Solderless Locking Connectors Into Panel
  • Metal Self Drilling Screw for Mounting Panel to Board
  • Assortment of zip ties and anchors

-Tech Specs-

  • Automotive grade galvanized steel
  • Panel Dimensions:
  • IO2N - 3.4375x1.75x0.5625 inches / 8.73x4.44x1.42 cm
  • IO3N - 4.875x1.75x0.5625 inches / 12.38x4.44x1.42 cm
  • IO4N - 6.4375x1.75x0.5625 inches / 16.35x4.44x1.42 cm
  • Assembled Dimensions:
  • IO2N - 3.4375x1.75x3.5 inches / 8.73x4.44x8.89 cm
  • IO3N - 4.875x1.75x3.5 inches / 12.38x4.44x8.89 cm
  • IO4N - 6.4375x1.75x0.5625 inches / 16.35x4.44x1.42 cm
  • 0.5 lbs (0.22Kg)