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ALKIN believes in providing the best options to our customers, thus offering accessories to complement your pedalboard purchase.

Our solderless 1/4 jack provides convenient and solderless cable connections to the side or the front of your pedalboard. Simply plug your first and last pedal into the back side of the connector; Then plug your guitar and amp to the front side when you’re ready to play.

ALKIN's promise to quality pushed us to improve the jack connection point to prevent rotation of the two ends assuring clean feed-trough signal to your sound.

Better Quality, better look, better price point.

-Included with purchase-

  • 1/4 TRS/TS Plug and Play Solderless Locking Connector
  • 4-40 Screws/Nuts to Mount 1/4 Solderless Locking Connectors Into Panel

 -Tech Specs-

  • Smart connector will work as TRS or TS connection.
  • No soldering, crimping, or screwing necessary.
  • Black metal enclosure.
  • Overall depth of 3 1/2".
  • Standard corner mounting holes for mounting in standard "D" series XLR type holes.